Raise Funds with Mrs. Pumpkins's Chicken Pie Fundraisers!

Mrs. Pumpkin’s Chicken Pie Fundraiser is a perfect fundraising opportunity for fundraising groups in the NC Piedmont area.

Mrs. Pumpkin’s Muffins has been a business for over 20 years! We are inspected by the NC Dept. of Agriculture for our chicken pie business and by the Health Dept. for our other food business. We are applying to come under Federal Inspection (US Dept. of Agriculture Food Safety & Inspection Service). This Fundraising opportunity is as follows:


*We sell your organization the Chicken pies for $6.75.*

 We have 2 types of Chicken Pies:   The Moravian Chicken Pie, and the

 Moravian Chicken Pie with Vegetables

The store price is $12 each. Your  group then sells the pies:   
1 for $12.00  or  3 for $35.00

You sell 3 pies for $35 as an incentive for larger sales. This strategy has proved to significantly increase sales!

Depending on the mix of sales, you will earn @ $500 for each 100 pies sold.

The Distribution of the pies is very important and needs to be carefully planned. There are several methods available, you just need to pick one:

  - We deliver to you, or

  - Your salespersons can pick up their sales at our location.

The Fundraiser is outlined on the "Getting Started" Information Sheet below.  This form is a very important planning tool. I have some suggestions about this fundraiser:

-I suggest a 2 week selling period for this fundraiser. Call us with the number sold and we will have them ready one week later.

-I suggest that the organization set a goal for the amount of money they want to make. Each person selling will then have a target to aim for.

- Money should be collected at the time of sale.

- Buyers should understand how their pies will be delivered to them.

- A leader needs to be identified as the person responsible for tallying up the sales, collection the money    from the salespersons, and calling Mrs. Pumpkins to report the sales number.

-Someone needs to be mail the check for the pies when sales totals are called in.

-Careful consideration should be given to the distribution of the pies: Day, location, pick-up time interval.

We will work with you to plan your fundraiser. We will consult, at no charge, to help you plan the best possible fundraising opportunity.

If you are ready to get started, or would like more information, give us a call at 336-924-9797!


Fundraising Groups

Daycare/Preschool Fundraising Busy moms appreciate delicious, ready-to-cook meals
Sports Teams Parent groups & Coaches know that teams need $ for uniforms, travel and Skill development
Church Groups Member outreach, community outreach, mission trips, special projects…All reasons why Chicken PieFundraising makes (dollars) & sense.
Charity Fundraisers High profit margins and high product value make chicken pie fundraisers especially popular.
High School Groups Large Groups (Marching Band, Cross Country, Student Council & Football) and Smaller Groups (Sports teams, clubs, Special Interest groups and Booster Clubs)
Elementary Schools Great for PTA or special project fundraising that is school wide!
Middle School Fundraising Always a challenge! Busy kids, busy parents, smaller groups. We make it easy and profitable.
Band Fundraising Parent groups helping motivated kids earn $ to pay for bus trips and competitions.


Chicken Pie Product Benefits

  • Great Value! Great product sold to your customer at the same price we sell it in the bakery
  • Delicious, High Quality Product - All white meat, perfectly shredded chicken in a natural gravy broth
  • “Homemade” Taste - Pie Crust made from scratch in our Winston-Salem bakery kitchen
  • Highly Desirable! - Tens of thousands sold in NC Piedmont area every year.
  • Variety – Available Moravian Style or Chicken Pot Pie Style (with veggies)
  • High Volume Sales – This is not wrapping paper or cookie dough that will sit around all year not being used. Customers quickly enjoy the pies and are excited to buy more!


Fundraising Potential

The cost of the pies to your group is based sales volume:
  • 150 pies =  $700
  • 300 pies =  $1400
  • 500 pies =  $2500
  • 750 pies =  $3500
You sell the Pies for $12 or $13 each or 3 for $35.

Selling 3 for $35 has proven to be a HUGE sales booster:

  • Will increase, and may even double sales
  • Higher sales = lower cost per pie

Profit Estimate:

  • Sell 1000 pies @ average sales price of $11 each = $11,000 in sales and nearly $5,000 in profit for your organization.
  • Sell 500 pies @ average sales price of $11 each = $5,500 in sales and $2,250 in profit for your organization.

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